Large Dimension Complete Fabricating And Machining

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Large Dimension Complete Fabricating And Machining

Openex has the capability to provide service on large fabricating and machining by the help of a series of unique CNC machines from Waldrich Coburg (Germany), Schiess (Germany), SNK(Japan), PAMA(Italy) as well as AWS certificated Welders. Large CNC machining generally requires large fabrication capacity, especially with large piece casting, large annealing equipment, testing facilities, measuring means, Openex has all of the above listed resources for handy use.

Large Dimension
Exotic material
Close tolerance Critical precision demands

Openex can help you get supply of those less commen steel fabrications built in a more convenient way. We offer comprehensive tailor-made metal works covering extensive machining work and metal fabrication work. Just a few facts to reflect our manufacturing capacity:
1. Laser cutting machines: 5 sets, one of which is Byspeed,
2. Machining equipment leading by 10 Gantry Milling CNC for large and precision machining, produced by Wladrich coburg (German), Schiess(German), SNK(Japanese), and PUMA(Italian) respectively.
3. Hydraulic brakes: 10sets, among which the most strong power up to 6000tons
4. Whitney Punch-plasma machine for specific fast fabrication
5. Welders pass AWS certificate
6. Aluminum casting housing for GIS (Gas-Insulated Switchgear), Supply to ABB, Simens, Toshiba, Alston

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