Large Dimension High Precision Steel Machining Service

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Large Dimension High Precision Steel Machining Service

Openex has the capability to provide service on large machining and precision machining by the help of a series of unique CNC machines from Waldrich Coburg(Germany), Schiess(Germany), SNK(Japan), PAMA(Italy).

Large machining generally requires large fabrication capacity, especially with large piece casting, large annealing equipment, testing facilities, measuring means, Openex has all of the above listed resources for handy use.

Processing Capacity
Max weight: up to 300tons per piece
Max dimension: up to 6mx27m
Max precision: 0.02/1000mm (please contact us for detailed information)

Company Information
We are one of few companies who can offer comprehensive tailor-made metal works covering extensive machining work and metal fabrication work. Just a few facts to tell our manufacturing capacity:
1. Laser cutting machines: 6 sets, one of which is Byspeed,
2. Whitney Punch-Plasma machine for fast fabrication requiring both punching and cutting.
3. Machining equipment leading by 10 Gantry Milling CNC for large and precision machining, produced by Waladrich Coburg(German), Schiess(German), SNK(Japanese), and PUMA(Italian) respectively.
4. Hydraulic brakes: 10sets, one of which has strong power up to 6000tons and 12m long bed.
5. Welders pass AWS certificate
6. All needed inspection equipment including: Spectral measuring instrument, Tensile Test Machine, Brinell Hardness Tester, X-ray tester, Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM)
7. Aluminum casting housing for GIS (Gas-Insulated Switchgear) were delivered to ABB, Simens, Toshiba, Alston
8. Pass CE certificate at the first audit at buyer’s name.

High Speed Rail technology from China must be well known for its high performance and low cost, but few people know that more than hundreds of manufacturers are trained and allowed to supply parts and components such as wheels, axles, carriage body, seat, door etc. It is easy to understand that several qualified manufacturers are kept to supply each part of the High Speed Rail system, that means the manufacturers are not full in production capacity. Openex is appointed to do oversea marketing for these surplus manufacturing resources.

Hence, we are in the position to supply almost any metal product no matter it is small or large, light duty or heavy duty, cold roll forming or hot roll forming, fabrication or machining, forging or casting, steel or aluminum.

Only if you are looking for outsourcing for metal products with decent volume, especially for those that other companies can’t supply, or can’t supply with good price, please contact us to see how us we can do for you.

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